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Located on rt 53

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(We are open by appointment and will usually close around 3:00 -4:30pm pm if we are finished for the day.)


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Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Do you groom cats?

A. Not at this time



Q. How often should I groom my dog?

A. Most dogs need to be groomed every 4-8 weeks. Labs and short coated dogs can go 8 weeks. Doodles, Bichons, Maltese, Wheaton Terriers, etc. Should be groomed every 4 and no more than every 6 weeks; if you desire a long coat on them, every 4 is best. You can have your dog bathed up to once a week without drying out their skin.



Q. How much do you charge?

A. The price varies from breed to breed and, of course, the style of cut you desire. See our price chart  Fluff and Buff is usually about $10 less than the haircut price. For instance, a Bichon full cut is $48 and a fluff and buff is about $38-40 (if there is a lot of matting, then price is more).



Q. Do you accept tips?

A.We take great pride in our work and a tip is always a wonderful way to let us know that we are doing a great job.



Q. Will you brush out a matted dog?

A. Some matting can be easily brushed out, while others have to be shaved out. We will always try and help you obtain your desired look for your dog. We also want to make sure that your dog is comfortable during the grooming process. Trying to brush out matts that are right up against the skin, can damage the skin and it's very painful. In the end, it is hair and will grow back, even if they look strange at first, in a few weeks they will have a nice fuzzy layer. But, the most important thing is that they are happy and healthy.



Q. How long does a groom take?

A. That too depends on the type of dog and what you want done. Smaller cuts usually take about 3 hours; large cuts 4-5 hours. Of course, if you need your pet in and out quickly, we can always accomidate. However we will need prior notice so we can schedule it that way (there will be an additional charge for the one-on- one attention) During Holiday seasons, please allow for extra time, due to the higher volume.


Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. making an appointment is the best way. So we can schedule so no one dog is here too long. That being said we will take a walk-ins whenever we can.



Q. My dog may bite will you groom him?

A. Yes; we will always try to groom every dog. We have had great success grooming dogs that were once "banned" from other shops. We first take the time to make them feel comfortable with us and will do only what they allow us to do. Usually by the 3rd or 4th groom, we can successfully complete the full grooming.


Q. Do you use muzzles?

A. Yes; if a dog is biting us, or the equipment, we have to muzzle for our own as well as their safety use a muzzle. We use very sharp tools that could easily cut their mouths. If they ever were to bite them. Furthermore, we cannot allow ourselves to be bitten as, a bad enough bite can cause us our livelihood.


Q. Do you use kennels or crates?

A. Yes; unlike a daycare we do not temperament test for grooming. Since there are a lot of dogs that do not get along with other dogs. All dogs are always kept safe in our kennel units, or crates or separated areas. If your dog is not comfortable in a kennel or becomes too stressed, we can do the IN and OUT service (at an additional charge) to ensure your and their happiness.


Q. Do you cut just nails without a bath?

A. Yes; I highly recommend having your pets nails cut once a month. Its only $10. And we dremel them as well. This will keep the nails short to prevent foot and posture issues.


Q. Should I have my dog groomed in the Winter?

A. Absolutely, especially if they have a coat that requires haircuts. Letting them grow too long leaves the door open for severe matting, and the last thing you want is to have your dog shaved down in the dead of winter. Leaving him matted, instead, is not good as matts can invite all kinds of problems such as, fleas, ticks, skin infections  etc.


Q. Do you groom sedated dogs?

A. We prefer not to groom them sedated. We would rather try them without it. Sedation really only makes them more confused and afraid. It only slows them down does NOT stop them from biting. And being in that confused state can even make things worse, not to mention stress and sedation can be a recipe for seizures. We have had a few dogs that we did not know were medicated, and they had seizures. (seizures in dogs are not uncommon but seizures in dogs that are medicated indicate that they are having an adverse reaction to the medication which requires medical attention. And if WE DO NOT KNOW that they are medicated it could result in death) So please tell us if you think your dog needs sedation this is so very important we can discuss it further. This is very important. Thank you for your understanding.




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